About Us

About FreeNIC.org and the FreeNIC Project






…provides DNS services for technical users seeking increased independence in their DNS solutions.

For the sake of convenience, FreeNIC.org operators run a limited number of services, including a root DNS server, for a cohesive experience among our users. But we highly encourage members to develop their own alternatives within our network if they wish to do so!

Inclusion into our root DNS servers will require an introduction and participation on our IRC server and within our community. We may implement a limited set of rules to aid in this experience, but our rules only apply to the services we host. Disagree with our policies? We encourage members to create their own communities and spread our ideals. While FreeNIC.org is a somewhat organized project, FreeNIC is a movement, developing and teaching about the benefits of decentralization and independence in an increasingly online world.

Agree with us?

Discuss our ideals and take charge within our community! We’re primarily based on Internet Libre’s IRC servers, please stop by and chat with us!

Come and chat!