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FreeNIC uses IRC for communication.

IRC Server Information

If you have a favorite IRC client, here’s the connection details, plain and simple. We hope to see you online soon!

  • Server: (alt:
  • Port: 6697
  • TLS (SSL): Yes
  • Channel: #dns

Of note: these servers are part of the Internet Libre IRC Network. They have a variety of channels you can visit in addition with trusted and intelligent individuals that can help you out with any technical topic.

It’s currently a small network, but we’re always looking for new members to join our community!

Free IRC Client

Stay always connected¬†with’s free web-based IRC client! If you don’t currently have an IRC client to use feel free to register an account and use our nicely designed web client, which will stay connected even when you exit the page (allowing you to keep backlog and not miss a thing!). Based on The Lounge, our client is open for registration to any community member.