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Community Focused

Our DNS servers are operated by members of our community, with extra assurances regarding reliability and integrity. You’ll no longer have to question the motives of your DNS provider, and rest assured your internet browsing is accurately resolved.

Privacy First

Our DNS servers will never log your IP address. We will never sell your data or use it to provide targeted advertising, because we can’t, period. Unlike other services, we’re not interested in knowing what you do online—it’s none of our business.

No Charge

We operate a variety of services free of charge. Not only is access to our DNS server community free, but so is proposing new Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Want .chocolate to exist? Go ahead and apply! We’re completely volunteer operated, no financial pressure included.

Speedy Resolution

With DNS servers operated by our community in nearly every continent, you’re able to choose between the fastest servers relative to your location.

Since almost everything online begins with DNS, by choosing a server near you, you’ll be able to accelerate essentially everything you do on the internet.

Connect Your Devices

We have instructional guides to setup FreeNIC on all your devices.

Custom Top-Level Domains

In addition to ICANN’s traditional top-level domains you may be familiar with (.com, .org, .net), FreeNIC users have access to totally unique namespaces, granting you access to an entirely new internet.

And what’s more, anybody can apply to run their own TLD free-of-charge!* Want to operate .icecream? The opportunity is yours!


A free-to-use TLD assisting in the operations of DNS related services.


A general purpose TLD, also available on OpenNIC.

Official FreeNIC Announcements

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Peered Networks

We peer with many different DNS roots to provide to you a complete experience outside of ICANN’s monopoly.


NationDNS is a brand new DNS service provider offering Top-Level Domains to emerging countries and micronations.


We are pleased to offer full backwards-compatiblity with ICANN’s Top-Level Domains, for a seamless transition between DNS services.


FreeNIC is operating a complete .bit bridge, providing easy access to the Namecoin blockchain via all our resolvers.