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FreeNIC believes in taking back control of the DNS system from the ground up. We have no rules, charters, or leadership. Everyone is equal, and everyone is welcome!

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Internet Freedom

The internet belongs to everyone. Unfortunately there are those that would take control and diminish your share and ownership. As more control is taken up by fewer corporate operators, we must become proactive in taking back and keeping what is ours. The creeping practice of excluding personal control has to stop.

FreeNIC welcomes anyone to operate a domain and server on our network!

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Perfect DNS Staging Area

With no rules or regulations regarding the name or policies behind your domain, FreeNIC is the perfect staging grounds for TLD operator hopefuls from OpenNIC, or getting a taste for systems administration with the Internet Libre project. Our IRC members are always glad to assist new members in the creation of domains!

IRC Information

Your Freedom

The internet started as a much more free and open place than what we’re seeing now. Let’s take back that non-commercial, creative, and egalitarian space. FreeNIC exists to give balance and variety to our internet.

Your TLD

Pick a top level domain that doesn’t conflict with those already in place and you’re good to go. Use your own name if you like. There is no registration or intervention of any kind.

Your Servers

Setting up a domain name server is a necessity for having a TLD, but it is also a contribution to the community. Even better, using your own server is a great way to be sure your internet experience is not censored or controlled by others.


FreeNIC is the perfect location for top-level-domain operators-to-be on OpenNIC to become familiar with operating a DNS server and the requirements it may entail!

We don’t have any restrictions for TLDs, as our primary root zone does not include any ICANN or other alt-root’s TLDs, so feel free to register your TLD here, you’ll be able to easily transfer it to OpenNIC when you’re approved!

Internet Libre

FreeNIC is also a great place to get familiar with BIND9 and other networking software for any users interested in the Internet Libre project, a completely decentralized alternative to the internet! We work very closely with Internet Libre and ILANA, and we encourage any especially tech-savvy users to check them out!

“Liberties aren’t given, they are taken.”

– Aldous Huxley

“Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.”

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Take back the internet.

Join FreeNIC and take control of your privacy and independence in an ever-centralized world.

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